Right from the very beginning the company has relied on the contribution of renowned designers for the design of its products. The perfect symbiosis between technology and design is the key element in Buzzi & Buzzi products, which show how research has developed in recent years in several directions: innovative materials and lighting technology.
Research is continuing its innovation process by studying the materials carefully and continuously enhancing the quality and service, a brand 100% made in Italy regarding design and manufacturing, quality assurance and safety.

Peter Soncino


We all get born on earth, but some of us look at the stars

Sergio Fabio Rotella


A graduate in Architecture, he received his Master's degree from the Domus Academy in Milan in 1988/89. After a partnership with Atelier Mendini, in 1996 he founded Studio Rotella, which deals with architecture, design and consultancy for companies regarding restyling work and taking care of image and communication.

Bibo Cecchini | Luca Fantelli


Having the same feeling for art, are working on the same table, now playing with Coral®.

Alfredo Pollice


Industrial designer, he is the founder of Pollice Light Consulting studio, a laboratory for lighting research. He has created a refined collection and a unique style using Coral®.

Stefano Dall'Osso


In about 30 years working in the field of lighting, Stefano Dall’Osso gave birth to an amazing and exciting career, sweeping from consultancies to teaching, from Industrial Design to artistic solutions, always walking the path of communication through light. After creating offices in Italy, Malta and Dubai, he currently leads the SPLD SA professionals in Switzerland.

Andrea Sensoli


An Architecture graduate in Florence, his talent was recognized by Prof.Pierluigi Spadolini, who became his mentor. The eclectic founder of the ASZ Architects | Florence | Abu Dhabi studio, he has been devoting his energy and studio's activities to architecture and design for the past 15 years, seeking excellence.

Carlo Colombo


Graduated in 1993 in Architecture, but even a complete designer, he distinguishes himself by a minimal style made of simple and pure shapes, characterized by a particular attention for materials and details. His activity has studded with collaboration with the most important company of the lighting sector.Awarded many times for his projects, he is nowadays recognized as an ambassador of the Italian design in the world.

Matteo Baroni | Fabio Valeriani


The collaboration between the two founded the Baroni & Valeriani Architects studio in Florence in 1997. They have one idea in common: to create a clear and rational architectural style and design.

Anna Visconti | Emanuele Nicosia


Anna Visconti and Emanuele Nicosia are consultants of world wide motor houses and industrial consumer products. Their passion for all about elegance of the form, is expressed in many fields, specially in the illuminotechnic design.

Marco Acerbis


Graduated in architecture in Milan, from 1997 to 2004 he lives in London working with Foster+Partners studio, soon becoming Project Architect for Capital City Academy. Fascinated by designing at different scales, he returns to Italy with renewed inspiration and proceeds with his technical and artistic explorations, as well as a newly found interest for eco sustainable architecture. Finalist at Fondazione Renzo Piano awards for young talents, the architect lives and works in a constant intertwinement of expertise, intuition and technology.

Letizia Mammini


Letizia Mammini takes care of lighting technique planning and consultation. Since the time of university, she has a strong affinity to lighting. Actually she is lighting designer of theatrical performances, responsable for the luminaires and their fitting out.

Andrea Castrignano


The studies in the United States make Andrea Castrignano an interior designer with a very attention towards the requirements of each customer. In 1997 he opened his office in Milan, establishing himself in a short time as one of the most appreciated real estate consultants. Since 2011 he is the only protagonist of the television program "Cambio casa, Cambio vita", a docu-reality on air in prime time on the TV channel La 5.

Stefano Anconetani


Born in Recanati in 1952 and has an architecture degree obtained in Florence on July 1978. Fascinated from our material he has created with great enthusiasm a lighting collection unpublished and elegant.

Salvatore Caradonna


Born in Salemi (TP) and has an architecture degree obtained in Palermo on April 1993. He lives and works in Salemi, he takes care, with succes, of architectural design. Fascinated by Coral® possibilities he has created a lighting collection unpublished and elegant for Buzzi & Buzzi.

Valeria Candido


Valeria Candido, with degree in graphic advertisement and photography, she is busy since more than ten years with graphics and communication. Based on their experiences is founded "Lo Studio".

Marco Merendi


A graduate in Architecture in Florence in 1996, he did his thesis in industrial design in collaboration with the Minardi Formula 1 team. During his work experience in Amsterdam he worked on creating lighting objects and lighting planning for large areas. He currently lives and works in Milan, where has dedicated his work to architecture, design,communication and light.

Lorenzo Stano


Starting from 1976 to 1987, he has been designing teacher for the industrial design department of "European Design Institute" of Milan. He takes care, with success, of lighting and illuminotechnic matters.

Ippolita Fraschini


Architect, his scope of work includes architecture and industrial design. He has made the most of the possibilities offered by Coral® and designs lamps that stand out even in the dark.