Our love of sports and engines, our passion for excellence and our desire to build a success story are the ingredients that have created a solid foundation for the successful partnership between Buzzi & Buzzi and Villois Aston Martin Racing team: blasonata produttrice di macchine uniche e ricercate, che partecipa al campionato internazionale GT Open con gare nei migliori circuiti mondiali.

Our desire to grow and improve over time, to believe in a common goal and to fight for what we want, bring together the way of thinking of Buzzi & Buzzi and Aston Martin: only different lifestyles, different personalities and temperaments, united and driven by a common passion, are able to reach the finish line.


Hollywood Milano, a fashion brand of the Derby company linked to the historical bar in Corso Como, "betting" on coffee, has opened a new polyvalent space that unites fashion, events and design in via Vittor Pisani at Milan, the Hollywood International Milano Living.

The planner, architect Fabio Rotella, is the originator of the interior design project, carried out in an operative synergy with some excellent companies of different branches, such as Buzzi & Buzzi, Poliform, Samsung, Galleria Cardi and Heineken. It is not a simple bar, but more a place fundamentally based on aesthetic and technology, able to reconcile harmoniously the bar and leisure area with the corners for the events and the multimedia supports.

For the realization of the lighting at the Hollywood International Milano Living, Buzzi & Buzzi was chosen as a partner; particularily in the centre of the space where the area is dedicated to the fashion collection Hollywood Milano, are installed 11 different models of luminaires produced by Buzzi & Buzzi.



The passion for motors and the will to compare yourself each day on the race ground are the motivations which link these two important brands Buzzi & Buzzi and Husqvarna.

Buzzi & Buzzi, since 2005 sponsored the official motorcross school of Husqvarna, the famous brand formerly property of the Cagiva, MV Agusta group and now owned by the BMW group, directed by two twenty-year experienced and multi-titled motorcross-riders like Martino Bianchi and Fabrizio Carcano.