125 x 100 mm rectangular recessed luminaire with Ø 20 mm light emission hole and adjustable color temperature

Genius Dynamic White is a total recessed indoor luminaire made of AirCoral® and installable on plasterboard or brick ceilings. The light emission hole of minal design, only 20 mm wide, disappears when the luminaire is off and is provided with a chip with 2 LED lights which allows to regulate colour temperature.
The light emanated by this product can vary from 2700 K to 5000 K, reproducing and valorizing the entire circadian cycle, the biological clock of our body. This particular characteristic enhances the cognitive level of our organism together with the metabolic activity of our body, concretely improving our capacity to react to visual impulses.
Genius’ minimal design mingles with the healthy properties of light: that is why Genius Dynamic White is particularly suitable for study or work environments as well as for any kinds of living spaces.
The electrical part can be extracted directly from the emission hole with a simple hand gesture. This is possible thanks to the push-pull mechanism, which facilitates the eventual extraction and replacing of the LED source in case of maintaining.

  • AirCoral® body
  • IP20 protection grade
  • Light inclination: 90°
  • Dimensions 125 x 100 x 134 mm
  • Light emission hole Ø 20
  • COB professional LED source
  • LED colour temperature: 2700 K - 5000 K




Rectangular recessed lighting in a space of 35 mm with Ø 16 mm light emission hole