Totally recessed luminaire for installation in a cavity of only 80 mm and on any type of surfaces from 12 mm (0.47”) to a maximum of 30 mm (1.18”)
OUTDOOR collection | IRON LINE

The outdoors version of Genius Basic Naked is now available in the Basic Naked IP65 model. This totally recessed luminaire for outdoor use has been engineered to achieve an IP65 protection level. Since it is a new version of the Naked model, this product extends the concept of total surface integration to any material and contexts and also achieves the potentials typical of the Basic line.
Genius Basic Naked IP65 is a very compact product, a synthesis of Buzzi & Buzzi research in terms of versatility, efficiency and reliability: a light flow of 540 lm, installable in a cavity of only 80 mm (3.15”), with IP65 protection.
It can also be installed on wood, cement, mirror, marble and industrial modules with a thickness of from 12 mm (0.47”) to a maximum of 30 mm (1.18”). Typically Genius, the only visible part is the light emission hole measuring 20 mm (0.79”), from which the LED light source can be pulled out thanks to a system which makes it easy to replace the light source, so there is no need for any inspection hatch, nor for invasive maintenance.

  • Aluminium body
  • IP65 protection grade
  • Light beam inclination 90°
  • Dimensions 110 x 110 x h 80 mm (4.33” x 4.33” x 3.15”)
  • Light emission hole Ø 20 mm (0.79”)
  • Professional COB LED lamp 
  • LED colour temperature: 3000 K (on demand 2700 K - 4000 K)
  • Suitable for installation on surfaces with a thickness from 12 mm (0.47”) to a maximum of 30 mm (1.18”)